Let things go, be flexible and bounce back…..

Dealing with everyday life situations and challenges is something of an art form in my book. Being able to navigate yourself around people, situations, experiences, expectations and demands can be challenging but also rewarding as well. For without a certain amount of stress we would not be able to find out what we are made of and how to overcome certain situations and events. Stress can help at times and other times not be so helpful.


Those that are able to deal with situations more easily than others tend to have a positive attitude on life which helps them be in a better mood to deal with things; are flexible in terms of their thinking and interactions with people; lower their expectations so that they don’t disappoint themselves or are not disappointed by other people; deal with challenges as they happen and have a tendency to see failure as constructive criticism. To me, this sums up someone who is resilient.

When we are resilient we have greater access to our intuition, memory and focus. We have more energy during the day and sleep better at night. We are physically more healthy, namely we have a better immune system and we are more calm and confident.

Stress issues

When we are stressed out, we are the opposite of being resilient. People can become more agitated and moody, be more irritable and have a lower tolerance to challenging situations. Headaches, chest pains, high blood pressure, insomnia and frequent coughs and colds are some of the physical symptoms. To add, racing thoughts, poor judgement, the inability to focus and seeing the negative side of things can be more apparent. There can be changes in behaviour such as losing your appetite or eating too much, avoiding responsibilities, an increase in the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes and nervous behaviour like nail biting.

How can Sophrology help you to let things go and be more resilient?

Sophrology can help you become more body conscious and be more aware of the “signals” your body is sending to you by listening to your body sensations. Easy movement postures help release anything that is causing any tension such as aches and pains in the body. By using your breath in a more conscious way, you become aware of how your breath and how breathing can help you to not only relax the body but also the mind as well. The visualisations that we do can help build up your energy levels. Sophrology techniques can help you build up your resilience and help you to get in touch with your wiser, intuitive mind to be able to deal with situations.

Benefits of using Sophrology when dealing with stress issues

  • Reduce aches and pains in the body
  • Better sleep
  • More energy during the day
  • Increased ability to focus on tasks
  • Better clarity of mind and memory
  • Help you to take control of situations
  • See the “brighter” things in life more easily
  • Reduce racing thoughts
  • Be more calm in behaviour for example be less fidgety

Some of the strategies

  • Identifying what the triggers are, that can cause stress.
  • Identify what, when and where you need to use Sophrology techniques to manage stress levels in everyday life and during a stressful situation.
  • Practice and repetition of techniques to bring in resilience into the body and mind.
  • Recording and/or reflecting on what you are learning about yourself and what techniques work for you.
  • Breathing techniques to release tension from the body and mind and bring in and install positive qualities.
  • Easy movement postures to release stress and help the body to relax.
  • Visualisations to bring in and install positive qualities.

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